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Topomet S.A was founded in 2000 and in a short period of time evolved into one of the biggest companies, providing complete solutions in topographic, geodetic, road studies and applications.

Via continuous investments in technical equipment and human potential, Topomet S.A has achieved to be consisted as a reference company in the technical field, owning one of the largest topographic – geodetic equipment, as well as the essential know-how, through which a variety of applications are supported both in study and construction field. Big scale surveys, trigonometric – leveling networks, surveys of archeological spaces – monuments, stakeout of specialized projects during construction, deformation detection and monitoring, construction geometrical control, 3D laser scanning of as-built tunnels and applications of industrial geodesy are some of the fields that Topomet S.A is involved with.

Topomet S.A is continuously and expanding in new fields and investing in break-through technologies. These are the parameters which best describe the successful course of Topomet S.A in Greek market and make her regulator of the new dynamic that is presented in the last years at the fields of construction and study in Greece.

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