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Topomet’ s field of activity covers a wide field of Surveying and Civil Engineering. This field of activity covers surveying and geodetic engineering applications and transportation infrastructure project studies.

For the applications included in this field, Topomet owns the appropriate equipment, hardware and software, which is kept constantly updated in order to be maintained at the state of the art level, remarkable experience, and finally, what we consider the most important, sense of responsibility, and know – how.

Additionally, our company has beyond any doubt been a pioneer in the introduction in Greece of modern surveying methods, such as 3D laser scanning monument documentation and as-built surveys, detection and monitoring of deformations with GPS surveying and structural integrity monitoring with fiber – optics interferometry.

stoxos_01.gif Conventional Surveying and Geodetic Surveying
stoxos_01.gif Road and Railway Project Studies
stoxos_01.gif Cadastral Surveying
stoxos_01.gif Construction As- Built Surveys
stoxos_01.gif Archaeological and Architectural Documentation
stoxos_01.gif Surveys of Road and Railway Networks
stoxos_01.gif Deformation Detection and Monitoring
stoxos_01.gif Τριγωνομετρικά-Χωροσταθμικά Δίκτυα
stoxos_01.gif Stake-Out for Costructions
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