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Conventional Surveying and Geodetic Surveying

By possessing know – how and experience for special and elaborate surveying engineering tasks, our company can undertake usual and conventional tasks, having great experience with them as well.

Surveying for heavy civil works, as road building, hydraulics, tunneling, bridging, surveying for cadastre, geodetic surveying for stake-out networks, photogrammetric control networks, are tasks which can be undertaken and performed by Topomet.

Apart from the scientific background and the great experience, with sixteen state of the art geodetic GPS receivers, four top-notch and fully featured total stations and four high precision digital levels, our company can complete surveying tasks in no time. Indicatively, in geodetic surveying with GPS normal static positioning, a productivity of up to 60 stations per day can be achieved, in geodetic surveying for photo control network installation a rate of 80 stations per day is feasible with the fast static technique, while whenever orthometric height differences with high accuracy are required, geometric leveling can be applied achieving up to 10 km of leveling path per day.

Diagram in the area of Ancient Ilida

Trimble 5800 GPS receiver during geodetic surveying work

Trimble DiNi 12 level during height network surveying for bridge construction

topo.jpg GPS_def.jpg leveling.jpg
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