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Road and Railway Surveys

The extraction of parameters of geometrical elements of already existing roads, is one of the special surveying tasks for which Topomet possesses robust know – how and significant experience.

These reverse – engineering applications dictate the combination of several different sensors, such as geodetic GPS receivers, slope meters, Inertial Navigation Systems, digital videocameras. Special software is required for the processing and the combination of the data collected, which has been developed by our company.

For whatever concerns the GPS processing in particular, apart from the carrier phases, the doppler measurements must also be utilized in order to deal with high curvature road elements surveying.

The products provided by these works, mainly include:

  • Plan diagrams of centerline with analytic geometric element values
  • Profile section diagrams with analytical geometric element values
  • Transverse inclination diagrams
  • Angular (Azimuth) diagrams
  • Road widths
  • Road equipment positions (Sign posts, e.t.c.)
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