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Topomet’s experience is certified by the informations indicatively provided below, regarding its CV:

    • Deformation detection and monitioring in Peristeri in Metsovo area for the Egnatia Highway consrtruction
    • Archaeological monument documentation surveys with 3D Laser Scanning methods in Ancient Ilida archaelogical site
    • More than 200 km of geometrical leveling for installation of heighting networks for studies and construction of rural, national and highway roads
    • 3D Laser Scanning as - built surveys for tunneling (More info ):

    1. T-6 Egnatia Highway Tunnel

    2. Egnatia Highway Metsovo Junction Tunnel

    3. S-10 Egnatia Highway Tunnel

    4. Iconio Tunnel at Sxisto Area for the Suburban Railway network expansion ριγωνισμοί για χάραξηGeodetic Surveying for stake - outs and surveying for over 80 km of the Egnatia Highway

    • Full surveying support for the construction of over 40 km of Egnatia Higway (Geodetic Surveying, Heighting, Tachymetry)
    • Full surveying support for a total of 35 km rural road construction
    • Surveying for cadastre and expropriation for more that 30 km of Egnatia Highway
    • Full surveying of the Ioannina airport
    • Design and surveying support (stake out) for the construction of the high curvature reinforced concrete sheeting semblance for the Egnatia Highway Metsovo Junction Tunnel
    • Full Surveying for the new Arahthos Bridge construction
    • Cadastral surveying and editing for areas in Florina and Ioannina prefecture   και αποτύπωση για πάνω από 80 km Εγνατίας οδού
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