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Beyond doubt one of Topomet’s spearheads is its equipment. 16 geodetic GPS receivers, 4 total stations, 4 levels and 1 3D laser scanner, guarantee complete, reliable and rapid completion of field work included in our activity field, and promote it in the best – equipped consultancy firm in Greece. Topomet is indeed considered to be “one of the most well equipped surveying consultancies in the Balkans” (Trimble Navigation Newsletter “Technology and More” issue 2003/02. Trimble Navigation Newsletter “Technology and More” issue 2003/02 is available in *.pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader format here. If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed in your system, v6.0 is available here.

Additionally, Topomet’s engineers are always well informed on any evolutions in the technology of surveying instruments and methods, and do not hesitate to adopt them. Topomet has beyond any doubt been a pioneer in the introduction of new surveying methods, as is GPS in deformation detection and monitoring, 3D laser scanning and fiber - optics interferometry.

stoxos_01.gif Total Stations
stoxos_01.gif GPS
stoxos_01.gif 3D Laser Scanner
stoxos_01.gif Χωροβάτες
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