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Geodetic GPS Receivers

Our company has beyond any doubt made the greatest investments in GPS technology in Greece: With a total of sixteen geodetic GPS receivers, it is the most well-equipped surveying engineering consultancy. This equipment has been used in almost any kind of geodetic and surveying work in which this technology can be applied, bringing substantial experience to our company. Land and cadastral surveying with RTK and PPK, installation of photo – control networks with fast – static techniques, geodetic surveying of any order, local geoid modeling for heighting, road as-built surveys, stake-outs for construction and deformation detection and monitoring, are tasks which have been performed by Topomet utilizing its GPS receivers. The great number of receivers makes possible productivities reaching 60 stations per day for geodetic surveys, 40 stations per day for deformation monitoring and 80 stations per day for photo control surveys. Topomet’s equipment, provides the ability to measure medium and large baseline vectors (> 20 km) since all of the receivers are dual – frequency (L1 & L2), while the “special” positioning techniques (fast static, pseudo – kinematic, real time and post processed kinematic) are supported.

GPS equipment owned by Topomet, appears in the following table:

Ποσότητα Κατασκευαστής - Μοντέλο
Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
2 Trimble 5700 adobe_reader.gif
5 Trimble 5800 adobe_reader.gif
7 Spectra Precision Geotracer 3220
2 Leica SR 520 adobe_reader.gif
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