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Reverse engineering of various kinds of constructions is another field of expertise of TopoMet.  Whenever a road bridge must be checked whether it respects the planimetry or the profile section as designed in the road study, or whenever the cross sections of a tunnel under construction needs to be inspected whether it abides by the designed ones, generally whenever the constructed project must be compared with high accuracy to the design our company can help. Despite the fact that our company has significant experience and know - how for this kind of surveying with conventional surveying instruments and does possess state of the art conventional terrestrial surveying equipment, we have switched to 3D laser scanning instead. Applying 3D laser scanning is another sector in surveying engineering in which Topomet has been a pioneer in Greece, by first applying this method for these applications. Our already great and rapidly growing experience in this application, has fully justified our choise: with 1 million points / hr, and less that 12 hrs for the complete survey of 1 km of tunnel is indeed a productivity which simply cannot even be compared to the one of the conventional surveying methods, while at least 3500 points per cross section provide a crushing advantage over them in terms of spatial sampling.  The distance measurement std. dev. is no more than 3 cm, close to the measurement precision of most reflectorless EDMs.

O 3D σαρωτής Callidus κατά τη διάρκεια εργασιών αποτύπωσης της σήραγγας Τ-6 της Εγνατίας Οδού.
Νέφος σημείων σε σήραγγα μετά τη τελική επένδυση.
O 3D σαρωτής Callidus κατά τη διάρκεια εργασιών αποτύπωσης της σήραγγας S-10 της Εγνατίας Οδού.
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