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Archaeological and Architectural Documentation Surveys

TopoMet has been initiated in monument surveying applications by adopting the new 3D laser scanning method. This rapidly evolving method is a direct adversary of the traditional terrestrial  photogrammetry and surveying, which it surpasses at least in terms of productivity. TopoMet has led the way in Greece in what ever concerns 3D laser scanning. A Callidus Precision Systems 3D laser scanner purchased by our company in May of 2002 was the first in the country. This method has ever since been used extensively, at first for thorough and extensive research and experimentation in order to obtain total and solid understanding of its principles and processing concepts. The 3D laser scanning technique, after rigorous testing, proved to be extremely versatile, able to provide a wide variety of products, each of them satisfying different needs: Digital Object or Terrain Mesh Model, with or without RGB texturing, OrthoPhotos,  Sections, Top-view, and Face Plans.

Two Callidus 3D Laser Scanners at work in ancient Ilida archaeological site, during experimentation and testing

Final Product: Snapshot of 3D RGB textured model of a Christial Orthodox Church in Cyprus

octagon.jpg cyprus_church.jpg

At the beginning of the processing: Snapshot of co - registered point clouds of a traditional house in Ioannina

 Final Product: Close-up snapshot of 3D RGB partially textured model of in ancient Ilida 

point_cloud.jpg ilida.jpg
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