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Deformation Detection and Monitoring

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Land and construction deformation detection and monitoring, is one of TopoMet’s fields of expertise. TopoMet can undertake deformation detection and monitoring projects, mainly related to large - scale constructions. TopoMet is considered to be the best equipped engineering firm in Greece for such projects, with a total of sixteen state of the art GPS receivers and terrestrial surveying equipment, i.e. levels, for whenever very high height accuracies are required, which makes possible the complete survey of a displacement detection network of more than 40 stations per day. Perhaps most important, is TopoMet’s engineers experience and scientific background, with robust and solid understanding of geodesy, error analysis, GPS operation principles and processing concepts.

TopoMet is able to help construction engineers to insure the structural integrity and functionality of constructions by providing valuable information regarding the micro tectonic behavior of the ground, at any phase, before, after or during the construction, at any surveying frequency, for every kind – buildings, bridging, roads, tunneling, irrigation plants etc.

Products of deformation detection and monitoring projects available after each survey of the network mainly comprise high–precision (mm error level) local coordinate system position differences of every network station (delta north, delta east, delta up), complete error analysis with error ellipses plots for specific confidence levels, trend mathematical  modeling and predictions with filtering techniques.

Topomet possesses large experience and can undertake tunnel convergence measurements and computations during and shortly after (up to few days) forehead excavation. Products become available within hours after the measurements, and comprise convergence vector plots on any required and predefined cross – section.

  GPS receiver at work during survey at Peristeri mountaineous region  for the construction of Egnatia Highway segment

Peristeri mountainous region  for the construction of Egnatia Highway segment

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